[XJM] Dataref Joy Map

xJoyMap is the simplest way to modify datarefs with your joystick and keystrokes. It also allows creating
advanced combined commands. All just editing a simple .ini file.

You can define new commands for specific aircraft and override x-plane build-in commands with your own.

Useful to:

  • Hardware Cockpit builders who want to assign dozens of buttons and switches without having to write their own plug-ins.
  • Airplane builders with custom plugins who doesn't want to write all the button to dataref communication.
  • Users who want to change the behavior their joystick between aircraft
    changes without visiting the joy config pane (see the x737 config example)

Implements the following modes:

button2dataref incremental: increment / decrement a dataref pressing a joy button
button2dataref toggle: toggle between predefined values on button press
button2dataref Switch mode: Useful for hardware switches (on_value, off_value)
buttonAlias: creates Alias, combo and "shifted" commands and allows to override X-Plane default commands.
axis2dataref: maps a joystick axis to a dataref
Constant dataref: Define constant values for datarefs on plane load (useful to set the fov for example)

Sandy barbour python x-plane interface

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