[XPGS] Ground Services

Provides ground services with object animations using OpenSceneryX objects.
A nice plugin to have some movement around your plane, and do your push-back and refueling.

Provided services

  • PushBack: Selectable distance and rotation, fully automated and manual mode.
  • Refueling: Request the desired fuel amount for each tank.
  • GPU/Stairs: (animation only) The stairs may go to a wrong position if the aircraft door is not correctly defined in the .acf that can be fixed on PlaneMaker. I didn't find any way to simulate the GPU power with the current datarefs so the GPU just seats near the plane.


  • The plugin auto assigns fuel and push-back trucks based on the weight of your plane.
  • Each tug and fuel truck has its own characteristics like fuel flow rate or power.
  • The tug power has been modeled so it should give some real feel.
  • All objects are unloaded if you're far enough in order to save framerate.

Sandy barbour python x-plane interface
Open Scenery X

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